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Business competence and export performance

by mmulder on February 12, 2018

Just published online: Birru, W.T., Runhaar, P., Zaalberg, R., Lans, T, & Mulder, M. (2018 Online). Explaining Organizational Export Performance by Single and Combined International Business Competencies, Journal of Small Business Management. DOI 10.1111/jsbm.1240.

Research published on competence development of temporary agency workers

by mmulder on February 1, 2018

Research of Nienke Woldman on conditions for competence development of temporary agency workers is published in the Human Resource Development International. (more →)

Ted Outmaijer-De Bakker successfully presented her Master of Education thesis

by mmulder on February 1, 2018

On February 1st, Ted Outmaijer-De Bakker successfully presented her Master of Education thesis, entitled ‘Passend begeleiden en motiveren van (hoog)begaafde leerlingen’ (Adaptively supporting and motivating (highly) talented pupils). The study is situated in a large school for primary education in Tilburg, the ‘Koolhoven’. Very interesting: two pupils, Sophie van der Velden and Amber de Kort, from grades 7 and 8, who participated in this intervention study, came along. They presented themselves well and showed the fantastic Vlog they made about the type of education of the intervention. They were surely positive about the special treatment they got. They even had suggestions for teachers as to how to stimulate and coach them. Congratulations Ted with this success, and good luck with the next steps in your career. Thanks Dr. Martijn van Schaik for acting as assessor of this thesis. Thanks Sophie and Amber for being with us this afternoon, and assisting Mrs Outmaijer-De Bakker. Lots of success with your school careers!

In Memoriam Professor Curtis Finch

by mmulder on January 31, 2018

A shock went through me on April 14, 2014, when I visited the colleagues of the Department of Agricultural Education and Extension at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virgina, USA, to benchmark the work we were doing at the Chair group of Education and Competence Studies at Wageningen University. (more →)

Keynote Research of VET – International Perspective

by mmulder on January 31, 2018

Keynote ‘Research of VET on an International Perspective’ delivered at the information event for the new Funding line ‘Research on the Internationalization of Vocational Education and Training’ (IBBF), of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Bonn, Germany, January 30th, 2018. Thank you Dr. Henk van Liempt for the opportunity, and Antje Wessels and Hannes Barske for facilitating this. All professors and researchers who attended: success with your proposals. Check my PPT here.

(more →)

Rick Maatman, Wendy Keizer – Van der Veen en Maike Vlassak nieuwe Masters of Education

by mmulder on January 31, 2018

Op 29 januari, hebben Rick Maatman, Wendy Keizer-Van der Veen, en Maike Vlassak met succes hun scriptie voor de NCOI Masteropleiding Onderwijskunde verdedigd. De titels van de scripties zijn:

  • Rick Maatman is: Gepersonaliseerd leren en (leer)motivatie. Een praktijkonderzoek naar de invloed van gepersonaliseerd leren op het verhogen van (leer)motivatie van leerlingen binnen het Liemers College.
  • Wendy Keizer – Van der Veen: Netwerkleren, van theorie naar praktijk. Een onderzoek naar het stimuleren en faciliteren van netwerkleren als middel voor het maken van de transfer van het geleerde naar de praktijk.
  • Maike Vlassak: CITAVERDE College, de deelnemer aan zet. Deelnemersparticipatie in het kwaliteitszorgsysteem.

Dr. Joachim Wetterling was begeleider van Wendy en Maike en beoordelaar van Rick.

Alle drie de nieuwe Masters: van harte gefeliciteerd! Succes gewenst in jullie verdere loopbaan. (more →)

Thank you Master of Education students at Paramaribo!

by mmulder on January 27, 2018

A week went by so soon with this perfect group of Master of Education students of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research of the Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo, Suriname. Thank you all for a great week! Thank you Genevieve Blanchard (left) for your assistance. (more →)

Machiel Bouwmans: new Doctor in educational sciences

by mmulder on January 13, 2018

Machiel Bouwmans successfully defended his PhD dissertation on January 12th for a jury of opponents consisting of Professors M.A.J.S. van Boekel (Wageningen University), M.L.L. Volman (University of Amsterdam), P.G.C. van den Bossche (Maastricht University and University of Antwerp) and T.V. Bondarouk (University of Twente). Co-promotors were Dr. Piety Runhaar and Dr. Renate Wesselink. Professor A. Bregt served as Deputy Rector Magnificus and chair. (more →)

Just published: Agricultural education in the Netherlands: from crystallizing to dissolving?

by mmulder on January 11, 2018

The article ‘Agricultural education in the Netherlands: from crystallizing to dissolving?’, of M. Mulder and H.J.A. Biemans, is just published. It goes into the recent national policy developments regarding agricultural education, or ‘green education’ as it is called, in the Netherlands. The Dutch government has decided to move the governmental responsibility to the Ministry of Education. This historic change may be good in terms of administrative efficiency, but it may be disastrous in terms of quality and effectiveness. Time will learn if green education, including Wageningen University, is sufficiently resilient to maintain its extremely high reputation.

Full reference: Mulder, M. & Biemans, H.J.A. (2018). Agricultural education in the Netherlands: from crystallizing to dissolving? The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 24(1), 1-5.

Download paper here: 2018 Mulder & Biemans – Agr Ed i t Neth from cr to diss – JAEE

Happy and Healthy 2018!!!

by mmulder on December 31, 2017

Dear website visitor,

I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2018!!!

Thanks for visiting this site. As I wrote last year, it seems to fullfil a need, since each year more unique visitors (56K) seem to use the information from the site. The same holds for the number of visits (73K), the number of times pages were visited (1.3Mln) and the total number of hits (1,4Mln).

Thanks for your interest! (more →)