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Sustainability competence identification for developing countries

Research of Yared Demssie from Ethiopia on sustainaibility competence identification in developing countries is accepted for publication by the Journal of Cleaner Production. Once the manuscript is published online, the abstract will be posted here.

Full reference up to now: Demssie, Y., Wesselink, R., Biemans, H.J.A., & Mulder, M. (accepted February 25, 2019). Think outside the European box: Identifying sustainability competencies for a base of the pyramid context. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Article on Virtual Reality and Feedback now online

The article on Virtual Reality and Feedback of Stan van Ginkel et al which is accepted for publication by Computers & Education is now online. The question of the study reported in this article is if oral presentation competence of first-year students in Higher Education can be improved by using Virtual Reality Glasses which simulate audiences for practicing oral presentations. Continue reading Article on Virtual Reality and Feedback now online

Virtual reality to enhance oral presentation competence

Research of Stan van Ginkel on the application of a virtual reality system in oral presentation education has been accepted for publication in Computers & Education. The full reference of the publication is: Van Ginkel, S., Gulikers, J., Biemans, H.J.A., Bos, T., Van Tilborg, R., Van Halteren, M., Roozen, M., & Mulder, M. (Accepted). Fostering Oral Presentation Competence Through a Virtual Reality-Based Task for Delivering Feedback. Computers & Education. When the article is online, we will share the DOI.

Mariska van der Kaap nieuwe Master Onderwijskunde (MEd)

Mariska van der Kaap heeft op 12 februari 2019 met succes haar scriptie voor de NCOI Masteropleiding Onderwijskunde (MEd) verdedigd. Titel van de scriptie: ‘Lokale effecten van het nieuwe landelijke opleidingsplan NOVUM: Onderscheidend en inspirerend opleiden tot Medisch Specialist in Maag-Darm-Leverziekten binnen het Flevoziekenhuis’. Hartelijk dank Dr. Joachim Wetterling voor de goede begeleiding.