Six new Masters of Education (MEd)

The number of graduated student of the program Master of Education (MEd) continues to grow. Graduates have shared their successful defences on their socials already, and I would like to give an overview of the graduations which took place from the 21st of February until today. Mireille van Woerkom, Eva Kemps, Leonieke Lusthusz, Maike Hübner, Marenka van Toor and Ruud van Diemen, your final assignments for the Master really rock.

The move towards graduating based on assignments which are not focused on a research thesis but on a professional product, appears to be a fruitful one. The products are far more authentic and effective than most of the research theses before. Superiors in organisations who agreed with the signature works of the students appreciate the impact of the works in practice. Let me briefly mention the themes of the final assignments.

Mireille van Woerkom did a project on a professional learning community within the Tech Campus of Mondriaan College in The Hague.

Eva Kemps worked on the implementation of Virtual Reality in learning programs on vitally threathened patients in the Erasmus MS Sofia Children Hospital in Rotterdam.

Leonieke Lusthusz did a study on instructional behavior of teachers to stimulate self-regulated learning at the Twickel College for secondary education in Delden.

Maike Hübner studied the use and expansion of the professional space of teacher teams at Gilde Opleidingen in Roermond.

Marenka van Toor introduced mini tailormade lessons as an interface between schools for primary and secondary education in the region Liemers.

Ruud van Diemen did a project adjacent to the one of Mireille van Woerkom, also in the Tech Campus of Mondriaan College in The Hague. The theme of his project was on the development of educational leadership in an effort to maximize study success of students on level 2 senior secondary technical education (mbo-2).

Mireille, Eva, Leonieke, Maike, Marenka, and Ruud: many congratulations with your successes! You may all be proud of your Master titles. Lots of success during the next steps in your careers.

Drs. Lisa Sipma and Dr Martijn van Schaik: many thanks for your supervision and assessment.