Handbook of Vocational Education and Training – paper version 2019

A total of 49 chapters of the Handbook of Vocational Education and Training: Developments in the Changing World of Work (Springer, 2019) have now been published online. The other chapters will follow during the coming months. The whole Handbook will appearin print version in the course of 2019.

The Handbook discusses trends for initial and continuing vocational learning across all settings worldwide. It examines how new technologies are opening up new areas of work and revolutionizing learning, and explores the role of private training markets, amongst others.

Full reference to the Handbook is: McGrath, S., Mulder, M., Papier, J., & Suart, R. (Eds) (2018). Handbook of Vocational Education and Training for the Changing World of Work. Cham: Springer.

For further information check: https://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319945316