Corona Coping Competence

On March 22, the first meeting of the LinkedIn group Competence Studies was held. The theme was Corona Coping Competence. Five presentations were given and around 35 interested colleagues, from America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, were present. The presentations (PPTs) can be downloaded here.

01 Mulder – Review of literature on Learning and Development in Times of Corona

02 Simonne Vermeylen – Corona Core Competence. How to Strategically Navigate Organizations during a Pandemic

03 Eric Verduyn – Resilience in the Education and Training Business in Times of Disruptive Change.

04 Annalisa Schnitzler – Working and Competence Requirements of Medical Assistants during COVID 19.

05 Jack Elliot – Corona and Rural Competence Development in Africa.

A recording of the meeting is made which will be made available to members of the Competence Studies group. The literature list which is used for the review will also be place on the group page. Interested in becoming a member of the group? Apply for membership of this LinkedIn group.