Saima Bantvawala new Master of Education

Saima Bantvawala successfully defended her thesis Master of Education. Her study was about the relationships between Self-Regulated Learning, Technology Self-Efficacy and Study Success in an Online Learning Environment. Based on validated questionnaires from other research, she collected data within 4 study programs in higher education. A total of 95 students participated in the study. Hypotheses were formulated, data was processed with Anova-analyses and Linear and logistic regression analysis, but the results did not confirm all hypotheses. The recommendations in this study are 1. developing study motivation and offerering enough structure in an online learning environment, 2. gradually increasing the complexity of the study tasks, 3. stating realistic intended learning outcomes, 4. using pedagogical agents for learning (PALs), and 5. giving compliments regarding progress regularly and sending motivational messages. Congratulations Saima Bantvawala, and welcome to the Alumni Network Master of Education. Thanks Dr. Joachim Wetterling for supervising Saima.