Learning to Increase Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a highly valued objective in the world of business administration. However, it is not easily achieved. We were thinking that Learning Organization (LO) theory could help establishing more responsibility in organizations, because these principles stimulate members of the organization to be critical, learn from the past and embrace change. In a study of Eghe Osagie, Renate Wesselink, Vincent Blok and myself, the relationship between organizational and operational characteristics of the learning organization was explored in relationship with establishing CSR. A total of 280 CSR professionals completed a survey, and bootstrap mediation analyses were conducted on the data. Three LO principles emerged from the study as important facilitators of increasing CSR: 1. encouragement to learn and positively perceive change; 2. to see the organization as an open system, and give co-workers room for adapting their working practices; 3. engagement in higher-order learning processes. This piece of research is accepted for publication in Organization & Environment (IF=8.50). The tentative reference isĀ  Osagie, E., Wesselink, R., Blok, V., & Mulder, M (2020). Learning Organization for Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation; Unravelling the Intricate Relationship between Organizational and Operational LO Characteristics, Organization & Environment. Once the paper is published online more information about the reference will be posted.