New horticulture curriculum development and research project in Kenya

ECS is going to conduct a project on horticulture curriculum development and research in Kenya. We did this also in Uganda and Ethiopia. The core of the project is to develop 11 curricula at BSc and MSc level. In this project we will again test the principles for competence-based education which we formulated and evaluated already in various studies. This time we are planning to start with a base-line measurement of competentiveness of the curricula and teaching practices. This will also be monitored during the course of the project, to see whether the project will add value on key variables such as practicality of the curriculum, interactivity in teaching and learning, authentic assessment and career development perspective. To stimulate the sustainability of the project results a Kenyan PhD-student will be selected to study the development, implementation and impact of the curricula. The project will last 4 years, so the final results will be expected in 2016.