Linda van Elderen new Master of Education (MEd)

Linda van Elderen successfully defended her thesis on transfer of a community of researchers and practitioners on signalling and coaching of gifted students in secondary education. The study was linked to an NRO-project funded by the government of the Netherlands. The study resulted in recommendations on transfer climate, transfer design and individual transfer factors. The study also showed the limited effects of this research-practice linkage, whereas the whole setup of this line of research sponsored by NRO is aimed at the improvement of the quality of education, in this case for gifted children. The question remains open as to whether this approach, in which researchers try to give advice to teachers, is sufficiently practical. Should the focus not be on the students, what should be done to improve their feeling of well-being, inspiration, self-efficacy and study results? Nevertheless, good study, and the field is a solid Master of Education richer. Thanks Dr. Hester Radstake for the supervision of this project.