LinkedIn group on Competence Studies started

Last week I created a LinkedIn group to connect professionals who are working in the field of competence theory, research and practice. This group is dedicated to colleagues who are interested in competence practices such as in education, training, development and management.

Why another group or Network? Well, I get requests regularly about issues in the field of Competence Studies. There are so many individuals working on the development, implementation and evaluation of competence -based initiatives, and many of them do have the same questions. Actually, an invitation for a key note at a VET-conference in Namibia in October 2020 triggered the initiative to create this group.

As group, we are aware of the fact that there is a myriad of conceptualizations and operationalizations in competence practices. We want to share views, experiences, challenges and solutions. We are critical but supportive. We have a passion for the foundations of competence philosophies and theories.

Interested in becoming a member (for free)? Create a LinkedIn account if you don’t have any, and search for the group Competence Studies. Then apply for membership. Or send an email message to: