Kristin Davis to take over the Editorials of the JAEE

Last Editorial for ‘The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension. Competence for Rural Innovation & Transformation’ published by me. I am delighted that Dr. Kristin Davis will takeĀ  this role over from me. Together we will be editing the journal as colleague Editors. With the five Co-Editors (Alex Koutsouris, Rasheed Sulaiman, Laurens Klerkx, Kim Dooley and Rick Rudd) in place, I think the JAEE will increase it’s quality further. Full reference:

Mulder, M. (2018). Editorial, The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 24(5),389-390, DOI:10.1080/1389224X.2018.1511145. Download this Editorial from the page Publication List. Enjoy.