Researching Vocational Education and Training in an International Perspective

The manuscript on Researching VET in an International Perspective, which is an elaboration of a keynote address given at the Information event on the ‘Internationalization of Vocational Education and Training Research’ (IBBF), under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Bonn, Germany, January 30th 2018, is accepted for publication in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Vocational and Continuing Education and Training.

The paper goes into the German initiative to fund a research programme on international development cooperation in vocational education and training. An important conclusion of the paper is: ‘In international VET development cooperation research, it is important to pursue a balanced approach by taking the practical, political, administrative, and scientific factors into account. These factors all play their role at the national, regional and local level. Too much pragmatism or too isolated scientific specialization should be avoided. Respectful cooperation of all stakeholders  is imperative, which is important in projects which combine researchers with a long-term and teachers and managers with a short-term perspective’. The issue will be available in November.

The full reference to the article will be:

Mulder, M. (2018). Researching VET: an International Perspective. Journal of Vocational and Continuing Education and Training, 1(1). The page numbers are not known yet.