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Dear visitor. A warm welcome! I am very glad that you are visiting my new Home Page. In September my University moved to Windows 7, and therefore I could not update my old website anymore. My printers even stopped working with me – gggrrrr – I had to buy new ones 🙁 So I needed to change the platform of the website. But that is done, and from now on I will post new items regularly 🙂 I am happy that the social media on which I am active are linked to this Home Page as well. Very (nearly) 2012!

VOR BBV Board Visited ECS

The board of the Division Vocational Corporate and Adult Education of the Netherlands Educational Research Association met at ECS on December 20. Firm decision were taken: 1. there will be new elections; 2. Loek Nieuwenhuis and Renate Wesselink will stay in the board and make an outline for renewal of the division; 3. Renate will run for chair of the Division; 4. the name of the division will be updated keeping in mind that the division is a research division for vocational and corporate education experts who are in or interested in research; 5. new candidate board members will be approached; they will be asked to organise activities which are interesting for the membership. Continue reading VOR BBV Board Visited ECS