Effects of an Interculturally Enriched Collaboration Script

Research of Vitaliy Popov, a PhD graduate from the Education and Competence Studies group of Wageningen University, now Associate Director of Research at the Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education of the University of San Diego, USA, has been accepted for publication in Learning, Culture and Interaction. The research is interesting as it is about the effects of a collaboration script in a computer-supported collaborate learning environment in which the emphasis is on intercultural cooperation. Effects which are studied are all within the domain of integrated competence development in higher education: knowledge, skills and attitudes. The full reference to the publication is: Popov, V., Biemans, H.J.A., Fortuin, K.P.J., Van Vliet, A., Erkens, G., Mulder, M., Jaspers, J. & Li, Y. (accepted). Effects of an Interculturally Enriched Collaboration Script on Student Attitudes, Behavior, and Learning Performance in a CSCL environment. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction. This journal is within Q3 of the SSCI. Once the article is published and available, it will be announced here.