Research of Mr. Misbah Zainun on Competence and Knowledge accepted for publication

Research of Mr. Misbah Zainun (Indonesia, and PhD student at Wageningen University) on Competence and Knowledge is accepted for publication in Learning Environments Research. This is important news because a major criticism on competence-based education has been that it would neglect the role of knowledge. As soon as the article is published I will share the summary and Pfd. The tentative reference is: Misbah, Z., Gulikers, J, Widhiarso, W., and Mulder, M. (accepted). Competence and Knowledge Development in Competence-Based Vocational Education, Learning Environments Research. You  may want to know that earlier work of Mr. Misbah is published in Teaching and Teacher Education. See Misbah, Z., J. Gulikers, R. Maulana and M. Mulder (2015). Teacher interpersonal behaviour and student motivation in competence-based vocational education: Evidence from Indonesia. Teaching and Teacher Education, 50, August, pp. 79-89. You can find the link to that publication in the Publication list in this website. Thanks to Dr. Judith Gulikers for her continuous supervision and precise feedback on drafts of these publications.