A worldwide review of competence-based vocational and professional education. Read more.

Read about:

  • The importance of competence in society.
  • The competence construct in science and practice.
  • Definitions of competence, competency, competencies.
  • Contexts and functions of working with competence models.
  • Competence–based and competence–oriented vocational and professional education.
  • Three waves of CBV and PE.
  • Perennial questions on competence-based vocational education.
  • Summaries of competence studies.
  • Purpose of a global review on competence-based vocational and professional education.

in: Mulder, M. and J. Winterton (2017). Introduction. In: Mulder. M. (Ed.), Competence-Based Vocational and Professional Education. Bridging the Worlds of Work and Education. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 1-43.

Download this publication here: 2017 Mulder and Winterton – Competence Book – Chapter 1