Research of Carla Oonk on educating planning professionals accepted for publication.

The manuscript of Carla Oonk et al on teaching and learning of students in the field of planning is accepted for publication and will be available soon. The article conceptualises planning professionals as boundary crossers, and by doing so, the theoretical framework is related to the currently quite popular research on boundary crossing. Evidence of learning which took place in so-called multi-stakeholder regional learning environments (RLE’s) is presented. Put simply: RLE’s are projects conducted by students, regional institutions, researchers as lecturers/coaches and others, which are for a large part taking place outside the college walls. Therefore the region is seen as the (authentic) learning environment.

Full reference: Oonk, C., Gulikers, J., & Mulder, M. (accepted 20 September 2017). Educating Boundary Crossing Planners: Evidence for Student Learning in the Multi-Stakeholder Regional Learning Environment. Journal of Planning Education and Research.

Carla Oonk has published about RLE’s before (Oonk, C., Gulikers, J. & Mulder, M. (2016). Educating collaborative planners: strengthening evidence for the learning potential of multi-stakeholder regional learning environments. Planning Practice and Research, 31(5), pp. 533-551).