Preparing for the International Workshop on ‘School-Job Integration’ in Como.

Preparing for the International Workshop on ‘School-Job Integration. The School in the XXIst Century’, May 8th, 2017, 15.00-18.00 hrs, at Cometa, via Madruzza 36 in Como, Italy. Looking forward to give a keynote at that meeting and to discuss views on 21st Century Vocational Education and Training with a range of highly esteemed colleagues.

Tentative Agenda:

15:00 Registration of participants

15.15 Welcome Address (A. Mele)

  • Maria Cristina Ferradini, Fondazione Vodafone Italia (5 min)
  • Erasmo Figini, Cometa Formazione (5 min)

15.30 Keynote Speech

  • Martin Mulder, University of Wageningen (30 min; questions)The value of a competence-based education to address an unknown future and its glocal challenges. Which is the right pathway for an effective VET? The right equilibrium among theory, research and practice. Emerging best practices.

16.15 Education in an Exponential era:

  • Hans Van Der Loo, EU STEM Coalition (20 min)The emergence of an exponential era where knowledge and competence continuously change require a paradigm shift in every educational system, not only VET. The importance of a STEM approach for a systemic thinking.

16.35 Discussion “A new vocational education and training model: a co-creation process. The effectiveness in education to evaluation impact systems”

  • Carlo Scatoli, DG EMPL (15 min)The vision of the DG EMPL: after the EU New Skills Agenda and the VET Week, the priorities of policy makers. How to support VET providers in innovating their service?
  • Stefano Tirati, EfVET (15 min)The role of VET providers and their associations in promoting excellence in VET provision. The emerging needs and the requests for political and business stakeholders.
  • Paolo Nardi, Cometa School-Enterprise for a school-job integration: (10 min)Emerging needs at the origin of this model; an effective school-job integration: the model
  • Mario Calderini, TIRESIA Group – Politecnico di Milano (20 min)The social impact assessment of the school-Enterprise:
  • Osca Pasquali, Ministry of Education – Capo segreteria tecnica (tbc)
  • Paola Nicastro, INAPP (tbc)The results of the impact assessment of the model in 2016. Insights on the social impacts: bridges to pay for results systems and social impact investing

17.35 Conclusions

  • Giorgio Vittadini, Università Milano Bicocca (20 min)Which education for the XXI century? The pathway to a new educational and training model