Teaching and learning of interdisciplinary thinking

Elsbeth Spelt will defend her doctoral thesis publicly on October 26, 11:00am in the Aula of Wageningen University. The theme of the dissertation is teaching and learning of interdisciplinary thinking in higher education in engineering. The study was conducted within Wageningen University and based on the design, implementation and analysis of a multidisciplinary course in Food Quality Management.

Opportunity competence linked to high level of problem solving

Research of Yvette Baggen et al showed that the field of cognitive research contributes to the field of entrepreneurship research; it provides a deeper understanding of the initial steps of the entrepreneurial process. More specifically, it is argued that those who excel in opportunity identification, share core characteristics with high-level complex problem solvers.

The results will be published in Baggen, Y., Mainert, J., Lans, T., Biemans, H. J. A., Greiff, S., & Mulder, M. (in press). Linking complex problem solving to opportunity identification competence within the context of entrepreneurship. International Journal of Lifelong Education. Doi: 10.1080/02601370.2015.1060029. (special issue: Problem solving – facilitating the utilization of a concept towards lifelong education).

Facilitating argumentative knowledge construction

Interested in fostering argumentation competence via online group learning? See the publication of Omid Noroozi et al, entitled: ‘ Facilitating argumentative knowledge construction through a transactive discussion script in CSCL’. The results of this study showed that transactive discussion scripts facilitate argumentative knowledge construction. Furthermore, learners assigned to the scripted condition acquired significantly more domain-specific and domain-general knowledge on argumentation than learners assigned to the unscripted condition. Source: Noroozi, O., Weinberger, A., Biemans, H.J.A., Mulder, M., & Chizari, M. (2013). Facilitating argumentative knowledge construction through a transactive discussion script in CSCL. Computers and Education, 61(2), 59-76.

Jurian Meijering won prestigious Award of Graduate School WASS

Jurian Meijering won the prestigious ‘Most Promising WASS publication’ Award of Graduate School WASS this year. Congratulations! The full reference to the article is: Meijering, J.V., K. Kern and H. Tobi (2014). Identifying the methodological characteristics of European green city rankings. Ecological Indicators (43), 8, pp. 132–142. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2014.02.026

Teacher interpersonal behaviour and student motivation

The article titled “Teacher interpersonal behaviour and student motivation in competence-based vocational education: Evidence from Indonesia”, by Zainun Misbah et al, published in Teaching and Teacher Education, is now available online: DOI information: 10.1016/j.tate.2015.04.007. Check: http://www.journals.elsevier.com/teaching-and-teacher-education/recent-articles/