Symposium on MOOCs research now on Storify and Slideshare

Pierre Gorissen reported on the Symposium on MOOCs research organized by the VOR Divisions ICT and Higher Education in Wageningen on May 26. He posted:”During the day, the #VORMOOC hashtag was used for tweets and it managed to get in the trending topics list for the day.
An overview of the tweets was collected in this Storify report: The slides for all the presentations during the symposium are now available online:″. Thanks Pierre for facilitating this.

Competitive and Sustainable Vocational Education and Training

The Europea conference announced as ‘Sustainable Vocational Education for the Labor Market’, but which was on the spot implemented as ‘Competitive and Sustainable Vocational Education and Training: Achievements and New Goals’, which is actually a different topic, took place in Riga, Latvia, on May 11 and 12. The conference took place within the framework of the Latvian EU Presidency, and featured speakers such as the Minister for Education and Science of Latvia, the Secretary of State for Agriculture of Latvia, the EUROPEA International president, the Director General of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, the Chairman of the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia and the Chairman of the Vocational Education Association of Latvia. The theme of the conference elaborated was about generic VET issues such as attractiveness of VET. Strategic Policy Recommendations for VET were tabled and will be signed by the stakeholders involved. These recommendations are all about good quality VET in the EU in general, and not specific for agricultural or life sciences VET. A surprise was that the Minister of Education appeared to be a former student of mine. Congratulations with a brilliant career.