ORD2012 – impressions

This week, from Wednesday to Friday, the Education Research Days (ORD2012) were held in Wageningen, organized by ECS and Stoas Hogeschool. With around 600 participants, more than 300 presentations, lively panel discussions and interactive paper presentations, prize presentations, and scholarly debates, it was a vibrant community. It was an honour to chair the organizational committee and the whole ORD. I thanks all who have contributed to it’s success, from administrative support to keynote speakers.
To get an impression of the ORD2012 go to the short video clip http://www.ord2012.nl/NL/impressie_ord2012/
For a review of what keynote speakers have said, go to http://www.ord2012.nl/NL/keynotes/
For a photo impression go to https://plus.google.com/photos/108846601745564448506/albums/5756719456754450305?banner=pwa&authkey=CKbRsLnF6tzR1QE