Prof. Carlos A. Gómez visited ECS

This week, Dr Carlos A. Gómez,  Professor Principal in the field of Zootechnology at the National Agricultural University La Molina in Lima, Peru, visited ECS. Ideas for cooperation in the field of agricultural education development were explored.

Horticulture curriculum development project Kenya

A Dutch consortium, of which ECS is part, conducts a 4-year project on capacity and curriculum development in the field of horticulture. The project has a strong sector development character. The Kenyan partners are the Practical Training Center in the field of Horticulture (PTC),  the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK), the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and the Department of Horticulture of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). All partners have a strong commitment to innovate and revise existing and develop new education and training programs to serve the production sector. A PhD-project will be included. The PhD-project will be on showing the impact of the new education and training programs on human resources development in the sector, and sector development itself. We are searching for an excellent Kenyan candidate with strong educational research skills who can combine practical work with sound data collection and processing, and scientific writing skills. Continue reading Horticulture curriculum development project Kenya

New publication

As a result of the PhD project of Omid Noroozi, a new publication appeared in an edited volume on collaborative and distributed research in the field of e-learning. The full reference is: Noroozi, O., Biemans, H.J.A., Busstra, M.C., Mulder, M., Popov, V., & Chizari, M. (2012). Effects of the Drewlite CSCL platform on students’ learning outcomes. In: Juan, A., Daradoumis, T., Roca, M., Grasman, S. E., & Faulin, J.  (Eds.), Collaborative and Distributed E-Research: Innovations in Technologies, Strategies and Applications. Hershey: Information Science Reference (pp. 276-289). For more information check: